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The juicy orange walls of this Antonia Hutt dining room have been on my mind ever since we posted it in Met Home's story Mad about Saffron. And if a paint can stick in my mind that long, I think I need to buy it by the gallon (I have an email into the designer ...



I was completely dazzled by this lighting display at the Kitchen and Bath Show. Giant light bulbs and upside-down wine glasses shimmering and dangling together made a fantastically whimsical display against the stark Chicago convention center. The show is over; it's long since been torn-down, but I keep thinking about recreating it in my dining ...



I have been bitten by the glassblowing bug. Watching the glassblowers at the Simon Pearce Mill last weekend really inspired me and this weekend I took a glassblowing lesson. The workshop was at artist John Pomp's studio, 160 Glass in Brooklyn, where in three hours you learn and execute the entire process of making a ...

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