Seriously Double-Duty Furniture


Who doesn’t love double-use furniture? No matter the price, two-for-one always feels like a deal. I am generally dazzled by pieces with even one extra storage compartment so when I saw these two transformers, I was beside myself.

(Above) Forget the sofa sleeper, the Doc couch by Bon Bon Trading double flips into a bunk bed! Near-magical and actually good-looking, this blows all double-duty furniture out of the water.
I know having a gym at home would make me exercise more but as a decor-snob–I’ll take the extra pounds over an elliptical eyesore in my living room. However, this Otto-Bench by Gabriel Prero for Life Fitness is ruining my argument. A multi-adjustable bench, bench press, and free weights are all hiding in a handsome bench.


  1. Thomas Hill said:

    Many furniture like the ones above have been becoming trendy these days! I guess it’s my first time seeing one that turns out to be a sofa and an exercise furniture! Guys would dig that! I’d be sharing this link to my friend now. Maybe, he’d become interested! Thanks!

    Thomas Hill

    June 23, 2011
  2. i really like your Seriously Double-Duty Furniture design thanks for the information.

    June 11, 2012

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