Tile Made From Wine Bottles


These glossy glass tiles make a fun polka dot backsplash, but that’s not why I love them . . . The circles are made from the bottoms of wine and beer bottles! This Seattle company, Bedrock Industries, hand makes all of their tiles from 100% recycled glass. Their work comes in a wide range of colors but since they don’t add any additional pigment to their found glass, Heineken-green and Budweiser-brown is the most common palette.

Circular Blazestone Glass Tile, $2-$23 each; BedrockIndustries.com


  1. Jenny Kent said:

    Is this real? wow, great. This is my first time I saw a tile that made in beer bottle. And I really love the polka dot design but I think it is more expensive but really suit on your kitchen and also in bathroom.

    Jenny Kent,
    Limestone Tile

    September 12, 2011
  2. Bjorn Button said:

     I love the use of a  back-splash in a bathroom remodel project. Back-splashes protect the paint from warping by water splashing up. Having a back-splash looks more professional and brings more value to your kitchen.

    June 5, 2012

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