Adventures in Holiday Decorating

christmas treeIn my hometown of Hollywood, Christmas trees come from parking lots. My family and I would go to Home Depot every holiday but now that I live in the East and am in love with a man from the Poconos, cut-your-own is the only option.

christmas tree
Because I'm the city girl, my Pocono counterparts made me cut down the tree.
christmas tree
We got a 14' tree for Mike's mom (we nearly broke the bale on that one) and an eight-foot tree for our Hoboken apartment.

The Neola Christmas Tree Farm turned out to be fantastic all-around. Not only was it a bargain at $25 a tree, but they let us have all the branches and logs we wanted for my various decorating schemes.

christmas tree
As quick solution for the front door, we hung a single branch with an ornament and it turned out to be a pretty cute alternative to a wreath.
christmas tree
Mike and I are getting ready for our house warming this weekend and decided to create a swag over the door with the rest of the branches.

treeThe tree is up (smelling better than any Home Depot pine) and ready for decoration. Since we only have a small smattering of ornaments, we’ve decided to lay out craft supplies at the party and fold ornament-making into the festivities. I’m sure it will be hysterically kitschy but in exchange for personal touches and genuine character, I wouldn’t want our first tree to be any other way.

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