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I tend to fall in love with run-down objects. I look right past the chipping paint and wobbly frame and see (with rose-colored glasses) a decorating project. Last week I mentioned how we went on an antique furniture spree at the Old Country Store outside Rhinebeck, NY—and this weekend was the restoration aftermath. Mike and ...


Fireplace renovation

In previous blogs about my empty apartment-makeover, you've seen the pretty fireplace but until now, I've been hiding its ugly twin from you. It's a cookie-cutter cherry marble fireplace that has been boarded over with faux marble, and it's been looming in our master bedroom since the former homeowner left. We knew it was probably ...



The juicy orange walls of this Antonia Hutt dining room have been on my mind ever since we posted it in Met Home's story Mad about Saffron. And if a paint can stick in my mind that long, I think I need to buy it by the gallon (I have an email into the designer ...