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Covering anything with ivy is a set equation for charm. You could take a shack or tract house, cover it in a blanket of English Ivy and suddenly it's got architectural appeal. This has always been true of housing facades but now it's creeping into in home decor and, especially, lighting. (Above) In Gallery 91's Foresti ...



When the weather starts to cool down, I like to bring summery things inside with me. But this is no tea light--the Arabesque lantern is big, beautiful, and commands attention. The door in the soft swirling metal scrollwork opens up to a candle cavity with a removable tray for easy cleaning. Arabesque Lantern, $275; by ...



I saw these Barbara Barry Oval Link Candlesticks in a Wedgwood preview last April and have been dying to blog about them ever since. They just became available today, so here you go! Aren't they gorgeous? 9 1/2" Pair of candlesticks, $150; 7" pair, $125: WedgwoodUsa.com



This Kenneth Wingard lamp is a shortcut to good decorating. The bold pattern and color pack such punch, you don't have to think so hard about accessorizing the rest of the room. Some simple fabrics, streamlined furniture, and a touch of yellow in a pillow or a rug are all you need to give the area ...