Building A Birch Log Table


I often overestimate my handiness. And one of my most overzealous projects to date began when Mike and I spotted a fabulous Brent Comber side table in the Conran Shop. Looking at this $2,000 bundle of logs, nailed together in a circle, I turned to Mike and said, We could do that, right? This ...

Raaar! Table


Footed tables are nothing new but when they come with big red paws and jungle cat legs, I can''t help but notice. This resin accent piece also comes in white or black but in imperial red it's got pounce. Lola accent table, $379;

Know Your Design Biases


I'm a sucker for Frenchie furniture. I love feminine lines, the movement of a curved back, and most decor that could be linked back to the sensuous style of Louis XV. But in decorating, one must know her biases. With my curvaceous Greyson sofa arriving next week (long story, to be continued) and my beloved ...

Building the Kitchen Island

kitchen island

To me, the mark of a great kitchen is a big island. Storage and prep space aside, it breeds congregation, conversation, and sets a tone for a welcoming space. With this in mind, I took what could have easily doubled as a formal dining room and dedicated my 15' x 12' kitchen to an all-encompassing ...