Hand Mirrors as Wall Art

design-ideas-antique-mirrors.jpgWhen my grandmother passed away a few years ago, my aunt Chris decided to decorate a room in her honor. Perhaps the most touching design concept I can possibly think of, the room is filled with Grandma Bunny’s favorite things: family pictures, her signature rabbit tchotchkes, her best dresses, and–my favorite–her hand mirror collection.

My aunt hung the six Bakelite pieces on the wall, clustering four in the center with two flanking the top and bottom. The verticality of the display and the varying shapes give the display real presence. I currently don’t own a single hand mirror but after seeing this collection, they are officially on my flea-market radar.

design-ideas-mirrorsFor anyone charmed by this idea but equally short on supply, Umbra is releasing a great line to get you started. Fairest is a series of frameless mirrors but cut into classic shapes. Sold in a set of five for a ridiculous $26.50, they will be available in late October. Whether you go with all new mirrors, vintage, or a mix–it will be an undoubtedly sweet display.