My Secret Style

chairSince we moved into our new home this September, foldable camping chairs have been our main source of seating. Ugly, uncomfortable, and never meant to see the indoors, these canvas eyesores were tolerated because we knew the perfect replacement was out there somewhere. Last weekend we found that somewhere was the Vermont Wreath Company and Antique Center. Driving home from our annual ski house rental in Killington, we stopped into the 25-dealer shop in the town of Danby and spotted the chairs: 1940s French with pristine white and gold feather upholstery. They were so unique, so fabulous—they made me nervous. Asymmetrical frames and gilded detailing are two characteristics I’ve actually never liked in furniture, but something about this dichotomy of funky and formal really drew me to these.

chairDesigner Celerie Kemble says she discovers her clients true taste when they describe it like a secret: slightly blushing, lip bitten, head down, explaining a look like it’s a crush they can’t have. When I saw these chairs, I acted just like that. I thought, “These are too over-the-top; I cant get these.” And with that thought, we bought them. They are now in our living room (in place of the camping chairs), and I’m giddy every time I look at them.