The Comfiest and Prettiest Sofa

sofa and chairsAfter 14 months of sitting on camping chairs, I am thrilled to announce, we own a couch. Yes, you may remember me mentioning this very sofa, the Grayson, sometime in early 2009 and, though custom-made furniture does take months to ship–the delay was not the shipper, it was me. What was my hang-up? It seems ridiculous, but it was the fabric. The couch only came in natural linen and I just knew we’d never fully enjoy it if were constantly worried about getting the most expensive thing we’ve ever purchased dirty.

Simple chocolate brown fabric was all we wanted–and don’t ask me why after multiple trips to the New York fabric district we couldn’t find that, but we couldn’t. I’ll admit there were moments of frustration where we were tempted by other brown sofas but we held strong–and our loyalty and patience paid off. This fall Bobo Intriguing Objects released the Grayson sofa in eight colors, including chocolate brown! And that was only one of the improvements; they also added an extra throw pillow and more environmentally-friendly materials. As soon as I heard the news, I had my credit card out and raring to go, and though it maxed out my Visa, I have never been so pleased with a purchase.

Just look at these lines!
The deep European cut is so sophisticated yet you just want to flop down on it!

Now that the folding chairs are put away, and the 1940s French chairs are in place, our former first-class campground is actually shaping into a living room we love.