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If you haven’t noticed, HoneyTrek.com has become my new labor of love. Seeing Design was meant to be the aesthetic arm of our blog about our 675-day honeymoon around the world, but the style and stories behind each of the 33 countries and 302 places we visited can’t be separated from our journey to find them. HoneyTrek chronicles the twists and turns of our unconventional path and everything that inspired us along the way. Stunning architecture, charming homes, chic designs, talented artisans, exotic cuisine…these tenets of SeeingDesign can all be found over on HoneyTrek…but within a context that means so much more than what meets the eye.  We couldn’t be more proud of HoneyTrek (and all the press it’s been getting!) so we hope you check it out and join us for the adventures to come!


If you want to catch up on our past two years of world travel, watch this video, full of highlights from a trip that has truly changed our lives.


honeytrek 2014
Even though we are back in the States we still have 12 more countries-worth of stories to share, so…

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