Daisy and Clover Grass Mats

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Oh, it may just look like fancy Astroturf, but think again and then think a little harder. This 1x 1 daisy-clover mat has more uses than you can dream up. Use a bunch as placemats for fanciful summer dining. Put one under your pets bowl to give Fluffy a grassy knoll to graze on. Hook multiple mats together (yes, they connect!) and you can even wallpaper or carpet a room with them! Breathe life into an urban foyer with a wall-to-wall pasture or pad a kids room to create a fairytale land. At $30 for a pack of six, you can have a field day (literally) with this Kikkerland design. How would you use them? Post your thoughts!

Daisy and Clover Mats by Kikkerland, $25 for box of six 10×10 mats; available at: FredFlare.com.