Foil Faux Molding

If you are ever throwing an event in a space too big to decorate, this is the trick. I went to a Pine Cone Hill product preview and (though I adore their bedding) I was really taken by what they did with their walls. They were faced with incredibly high ceilings, blank walls, a small art budget, and few hours time. What could they do? They took strips of tin foil and created faux paneling! By repeating a series of rectangles above squares with a few packs of Reynolds Wrap and a light adhesive, they made this warehouse-like space into a sparkling architectural delight. This could possibly be the cheapest, boldest, quickest decorating fix. I am not planning events any time soon nor do I have loft apartment to experiment with, but if you do, try it! And, hey, if doesn’t work out, you’ll have sandwich wrap for life.