Shag Upholstery


I was wandering the glass halls of the D&D building and was completely drawn in by this chair. From a distance, this Gustavian side chair looked like it was covered in green grass, so I had to go in and give it a touch test. As I get closer, I realize this is definitely not stitched with sod; it is upholstered in shag carpet! The effect of the long pile was total whimsy and serious texture. If the sales pitch was: Formal seating should be as relaxed as lazing in a fieldI bought it. Unfortunately, Country Swedish doesnt sell this design, but Linens and Things doesthe rug, at least. My suggestion is: Take a big shaggy green carpet to your upholsterer. It will be the cheapest, boldest move you could make for your living room. Dont go crazy with it, though. One slipper chair or side chair is all you need to give modern flair to the whole room.