French Linen Towels


Woman quits job to pursue her passion–I love that story in every possible version. Jaime Hoemann wasn’t going to let 20-year advertising career get between her and her French linens. When her friend, Brooke Crew, asked Jaime to join her on a trip to France to re-stock her antique store, she said yes to a life-changing trip. Instead of bringing back antiques, they returned with reams of French linens and a great business plan. They’re now the Two Girls in Avignon and they cut vintage French linens into towels adorned with antique trimmings like ribbons, hand tied fringe, or patterned fabrics. I love this Louis XV Bergere chair they sewed! Buying their towels offers that fabulous French essence without the big price tag. Okay, so maybe $48 is no drop in the bucket, but a lot less expensive than a trip France.

Two Girls in Avignon guest towels, $48 at