Fringe Frames


It’s good to have a stash of presents handy. You never know when you may get that invite to a friends beach house or to a catered dinner party—but you want to be ready when you do. These frames from Fringe Studio are like the “break glass in case of emergency” of gift giving. They come wrapped in a chocolate linen box so you can grab one and go; the placeholder picture is so gorgeous the recipient doesn’t even have to add photography; and the border is so original, your good taste will ensure oft-repeated invites. The flora-and-fauna decoration is captured under beveled glass and adorned by an antique copper beaded edge. An easel back means that it can be displayed vertically or horizontally. This frame is made to impress, so buy in bulk and be the ever-ready, ever-fabulous guest.

Fringe Frames, 4×6 frame, $32 and 5×7 frame, $35: at VonMaur; 877-866-6287;