Loving Wrap-Around Address Labels

stationery-ideas address labelsI don’t know when this became a thing in the stationery world–but as of recently, I discovered the wonders of wrap-around address labels. In one handy and pattern-fabulous strip, it takes care of the mailing address and the return address! So when looking for a mailing solution for our save the dates, we said forget those skinny return address stickers and feeding envelopes through the printer, and sought out the perfect wrap-around labels.

blush printable labelsAfter some furious Googling and researching on Etsy, I discovered Blush Printables. The site is run by this lovely graphic designer Jen who has created an array of wrap-around label options as editable PDFs. I fell in love with the graphic teal #017 and placed my order. For a meager $10, I figured I was on my own from here, but she was actually nice enough to put my return address throughout the template and change the text to blue so that it would match my navy save the dates! (If you caught the last blog, we chose the Speckled Stones stationery and had them printed in Baltic blue. Adore them!).

stationery-ideas-cutting-labelsThe next step: typing in the addresses, printing the PDFs on big sticker sheets (like these from Avery), and cutting them into long strips. With our trusty paper cutter, this went smoother than expected.

stationery-ideas-save the datesAdding color, pattern, and total efficiency to the average white envelope, these wrap-around labels will make our save the dates feel like something special even before guests open them.