Mattress Shopping Success!

IkeaBedandMatress.jpgBy accident, we found the secret to cheap mattresses on the east coast. We’d been to Sleepy’s (massive east coast mattress chain) at least three times in search of a queen for our master bedroom, but when everything decent is over a $1000, nothing ever seemed comfy enough. We’d been sleeping on our old double in the guest bedroom while we hunted, but it had been three months and I was starting to get antsy. We were driving home from Vermont a couple weeks ago and when I saw the umpteenth Sleepy’s, I made Mike pull over. Little did we know, we had selected one of the few outlet Sleepy’s in Hudson county.

They don’t even list them on their website, but if you call a Sleepy’s in your area, they can refer you to the closest discount store. They apparently have dozens.

Kingsdown_bodyblend.jpgOur bed is last years model of the Kingsdown BodyBlend and we love it!!! It was $700 down from $2600. Soft but supportive, I highly recommend it and never paying full price for a mattress.