Stitching Cards

stitching_postcardI am a travel fiend. Whenever I have extra cash or time it’s going towards a far-off adventure (and the occasional throw pillow). But when there isn’t enough of either, I’ll fill in with daydream jaunts. These Stitching Cards from Sweet Bella are my new favorite between-travel accessory. Maps of Europe, the US, and the globe come with a needle and thread to chart my travels future, past and soon-to-be-present (I am traveling from New York to Seattle to Vancouver this June!). They are perfect gifts for jet-setting friends, previous travel buddies, or avid scrapbook-ers. I am going to buy a stack to send as postcards from my Out-West journey.

Stitching Postcards by Sweet Bella, $5 each (comes with needle, thread, and envelope) sold at

The cards are surprisingly detailed so they can be a journal and not just a memento.