The Artful Home


A friend of mine kept telling me to check out, a site featuring about 1,200 home dcor artists and ten times as much product. I took one look at the site and was instantly overwhelmed. Still I persevered, rolled up my virtual sleeves and dug in. Afterwards, I realized that there are so many untapped talents on this site! No cookie cutter products and I saw about ten things I wanted, starting with the three I feature here.

(above) Magnolia Mirror by Bill Masterpool

Filigrana Longneck Wide Bottle by Jamie Harris


#81 Cabinet by Duncan Gowdy

But you can also see many of these items in person when The Guild holds its first show next week in New York.
The Artful Home Show, November 16-18th. Tickets: $12 in advance; $20 at the door.