The Chicest, Cheapest Kitchen Stools

kitchen-decor-counter-stoolsOkay, I’m little embarrassed to admit it, but months ago I made the amateur move of buying counter stools without first measuring the height of the island for which they were intended. The seats I coveted came in two sizes, so I just went with the shorter ones–after all, this was an island, not a bar. When the boxes arrived, I knew immediately I’d flubbed. We unpacked the four dwarf chairs just to give them a fair chance, but we would have needed booster seats to make them work. Kicking myself the whole time, we returned them and spent the next six months sitting on folding chairs.

During that period we hunted and hunted for new barstools that were the right height and with the right look, feel, and price (under $100 each). There were very few options. IKEA, known for its inexpensive but attractive furniture, was the first place we tried, but when it came to stools its selection went from frumpy country to uncomfortably modern–until recently. This fall the Swedish retailer added Glenn chairs to its collection, and all our seating problems were solved, for less than $80 a chair.


Chrome-plated steel legs in a flowing U-shape are simple and pick up the sheen of the appliances, while the high-gloss polycarbonate plastic seat complements the island’s white base. And with a sleek and flexible ergonomic back, it’s a surprisingly comfortable chair.


With a complete set of stools, our island is now a casual dining area, and our kitchen is the heart of the house.