Essential Salvador

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You could easily spend a week in Salvador, Brazil, getting a history lesson on the country’s first capital, antiquing through the Pelhourino, and tasting its Afro-Brasilian cuisine, but if you only have a days, here is where to stay, eat, and shop in the must-see Old Quarter.

Eating: Aracaje travel guide brazil

Aracajé is the most quintessential Salvadorian food and a nod to the city’s African-infused culture. Fried dough made from peeled black eyed peas, filled with a spicy paste of dried shrimp, cashews, and palm oil are sold at street stalls all over town. (Tip: If you are worried this may stop your heart, look for the vendors that sell the paste in the corn husk over the fried ball.)

Shopping: Cabral

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Cabral in the upper half of the Pelhourino was quite possibly my favorite store in the whole country. This cute antique shop has an amazing assortment of chic and funky finds from vintage furniture to games to photographs to music…it’s a delightful taste of old Brazil.

Lodging: Pestana Convento Do Carmo

A converted convent becomes a very unique and über luxurious hotel. If you can’t splurge at Pestana, try Hotel Arthemis on Praca da Sé for very reasonable rates and the best view in town (the vista from our window, below).
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