The Freshest Bed and Breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast always sounds like a romantic notion but I’ve found that its decor rarely supports the theory. In search of a B&B in New Hope, PA for a recent getaway weekend, the options all looked Victorian-charming on the outside, but like Granny’s quarters on the inside. Then I came across Porches on the Towpath. No quilts, no wooden ducks, and no doily-knit bed skirts—this bed and breakfast was the perfect marriage of sophisticated and cozy.

Staying here felt like you got the keys to a friend’s country house for the weekend. And the owner John Neville Byers’ passion for collecting makes the space feel loved and lived in. Byers has always been avid collector and can’t help but shop for the B&B. “I have a side table for a room that I don’t even have yet,” says Byers. Porches is decorated down to the desk accessories but to keep things fresh he believes decorating “is all about having a closet full of treasures and pulling them out when you need them.” I love the fact that he has three storage units and uses them as constant reference of inspiration for the B&B.

The dining room is the first room you see when you walk through the door. The carefully-selected antiques, rich art collection, and sunny colors let you know you are in the hands of a decorator.
The entire hotel has a help-yourself quality. Whether it's coffee service or grabbing a book from the shelf, each element is inviting. This sitting room is place I'd want to sit and read all day.
Suite #6 was the room we stayed in. The original fireplace and incredibly wide-plank floors show a bit of the history of the 19th-century space. The fireplace isn't functional anymore but with just a simple bronze tray as a reflector, a candle can light up the space.
Art filled the walls in this hotel. Even the tiniest powder room got three paintings.
Room #5. Nothing is more romantic than wall-mounted canopy.
Room #3. Sunny yellow, navy blue, and plaid--this space is so preppy, it's fabulous.

There are 12 rooms on the property, each one completely distinct and lovely. The prices are all incredibly reasonable with rates as low as $105 for a room in main house and as high as $250 for the carriage house on weekends. And no matter where you stay or what you pay, the entire experience at Porches is one well-spent.