A Sense of Place

Framing ideas for RecordsWithout decorating our apartment with Statue of Liberty figurines and Sopranos posters, we wanted to give our Hoboken apartment a sense of place. To do this, there is no man better than Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes was born in Hoboken on December 12, 1915 and the town has been touting him ever since.

Contributing to the Sinatra craze wasn’t necessarily our planned homage but the previous owner of these records convinced us it was the thing to do.

We stopped at this stranger’s garage sale in upstate New York, got chatting, and when we told him we were from Hoboken, he insisted we take his album collection. Though I wasn’t particularly interested in the records (our player is broken and we have Sinatra on CD), his enthusiasm got me thinking about the covers. In simple silver frames, they would make a kitschy-cool collection for our kitchen.

We picked the range of Frank to display: Hollywood Starlet, Rat Pack, and the Chairman of the Board.

framing-ideas-records-hatI took out the records, cut off the back sleeves, and put them in square Ikea frames with wide matting.

With three Sinatra’s greeting me every time I walk walk into my kitchen, I’ve found my sense of place.