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Eyelet usually reminds me of little girls in summer dresses, but this new Hable Construction bedding is all grown-up and much more modern. The cut-out circles seem to float across the cotton hems like little soap bubbles. It's got a delicate look but, don't worry, it's tough enough for the wash. Hable Sanibel Eyelet Percale, cases, ...



I try to spend in proportion to a thing's use. Maybe I don't wear my fuchsia snakeskin shoes as often as I promised myself (to justify the $300 I spent), but I try to follow this spending rule when I can. Like with bedding, daily use totally justifies extravagance. Kearsley bedding, pricey as it may ...



Im not married yet, but I can only imagine the battle of the sexes that must ensue when couples decorate their first bedroom. She wants Shabby Chic floral and he wants Boy Scout khaki. My future Mr. Wonderful will obviously know I wear the design pants in the family, but I know better than to ...