Cage Light Craze

DesignIdeas-DesignStockholm.jpgLast March, when I suggested construction site light bulb safety cages as a great idea for a modern pendant lamp–I thought I was going out on a limb. But after a weekend at the New York International Gift Fair, it looks like this seemingly-crazy lighting concept may actually be emerging as a legit trend. Some of the presenting designers gave an antiqued look to the industrial design, while others took traditional shade styles and stripped them down to their wire framework. Regardless of the approach, encaged light bulbs were glowing all around the show.

(Above) My favorite light of the group and the closest to my original dream pendant is by Design House Stockholm. Available in gold or chrome plate, the industrial motif is chicer than I ever imagined.

Design-Ideas-lightsRoost’s collection gives a sense of history to the work lamp.

Design-Ideas-Vagabond-Light.jpgThe wide wire shade by Vagabond Vintage gives the bare-bones pendant a more substantial feel as a pendant.

Design-Ideas-LightsPeddlars.jpgIt feels as though Peddlers Design has ripped the fabric off the classic shade design and exposed it for a new urban edge.