Exciting and Petrifying Tales of Becoming a Homeowner


I am buying my first house! I have been dying to tell you this but I didn’t want to jinx it until all the pieces were in place. But now that our loan has been approved, the inspection went well, the appraisal was on par, and our move date is one month away– I couldn’t hold the news in any longer! Its gorgeous. Its the top floor of a three-story, 1899 brownstone with the best of the original details: Two fireplaces (my favorite shown here), ten-foot ceilings, plaster cove molding, chandelier medallion, wide-plank pine floors, huge windows and all the charm that comes with that!

Now all I have to do is decorate it. This is most exciting and petrifying part. I have been living in a tiny New York apartment amongst a hodgepodge of items from different roommates and eras of my life–and only a handful is coming with me. I am on the hunt for new sofas, rugs, beds, drapes, tables, chairs, mirrors–the works. As a shelter editor, you’d think my overexposure and undying passion for design would give me the upper-hand on such a massive decorating endeavor but thats where the petrifying part comes in. This job has made me fall in love with so many styles and so many expensive pieces that finally picking one and preventing bankruptcy will be a feat. But the exciting part is that I finally have a creative testing ground. The somedays, the when Is, the if onlys, of my design scheming are over; its go-time.

Over the next couple months Ill be posting my furniture finds, design musings, and palette quandaries and I would love to hear your thoughts. I need your discerning eye and fabulous taste to help me get the dream house I have been writing about for all these years.