Fun Fourth of July Accessories

Sparklers are one my favorite part of the festivities and now in the shape of sweet little hearts, they win hands down. Above, heart sparkler, $8;

For today’s post I was thinking about doing a non-kitsch guide to Fourth of July entertaining, but why? If there was any time to break out the tchotchkes–it’s a backyard barbecue with friends and family.

Not only will these hand-painted ant tablecloth weights protect your tabletop setup from sudden breezes, but they may even scare away real bugs. Sold in set of 4, $7.95;
And for the grand giggle . . . the BBQ fencing set. Keep your guests entertained and in-line with this "musketeer-style" two-pronged fork. And if it turns out to be a bit too kitsch for your sensibilities, it comes with a cardboard mask to conceal your identity. $20,

Have a happy Fourth of July weekend!