Headboard Solutions


I don’t have a headboard above my bed for various reasons. I rent in New York City and that usually means: its small, its expensive, and you wont be there very long. So investing in a headboard (and schlepping it up my fifth floor walkup) just never seemed to be an option. But I recently found a few clever solutions that are changing my tune.

(Above) Window-Friendly Headboard
Another reason I don’t have a headboard is that I like my bed against the window. But when your bed looks at a brick wall, you need all the light you can get. To fix that, Andrew Muggleton’s bed head is made of sand-blasted glass and framed in maple.
Santiago Bed, $5,700 for a queen size; AndrewMuggleton.com

Wall Mounted Headboard
If you are feeling a little commitment-phobic to buy an entire bed frame, Charles P. Rogers designed a leather headboard that you can take on and off your wall like a picture frame. Who says a headboard has to be connected to your bed? This gets you the look.
Poole Headboard in cream micro suede, $299; CharlesPRogers.com

The Headboard Effect
Structurally we don’t need a headboard, but aesthetically we want it. So if you fancy the idea of it more than the actual hunk of wood, here it is: the Baroque decal.
Elegant Headboard wall decal, $50; UrbanOutfitters.com