Exotic Bedding


About two years ago the Indian-look hit like a monsoon and then dried up for everyone–except John Robshaw. He has reinvented the Indian paisley, the color scheme, and the block print. The palette is no longer the Indian look; it is the John Robshaw look. His fall collection is absolutely exquisite, but if I could pick one thing to swoon over, it would be the Birds of India pillows. No matter what happens to the bird trend, these will be timeless. The birds are hand painted on linen and, as the catalog says, “So life-like, you might want to feed them.”

Birds of India Pillows (A: Flowerpecker, $105; B: Kingfisher, $125; C: Toucan: $125; D: Shortwing, $105; E: Peacock, $140; F: SunBird, $125; G: Parakeet, $140) All products are now available for purchase on JohnRobshaw.com


Java Bed (A: Queen Duvet & Euro, $350; B: Queen Quilt, $640; C: Gent’s Stripe Bedskirt $155; D: Azurite Euro Sham, $70 and Azurite Pillow, $50; E: Prussian Blue Pillow. $65; F: Queen Flat Sheet, $165) available johnrobshaw.com


Winter Garden Bolster Pillows (A: Pear, $190; B: Vanilla, $115; C: Cherry, $115; D: Tangerine, $190; E: Plum, $90; F: Kiwi, $90)

For more on John Robshaws far-off inspirations, read about his textile pilgrimage to Uzbekistan in Designer Diaries.