House Warming

LivingRoomMantel.jpgWe closed on our condo! After months of prepping, the final meeting with the lawyer wrapped up in a mere hour and a half. In that time we signed what felt like 100 documents, but before we knew it we had an 1,100 square-foot piece of a Hoboken brownstone. We were so excited we almost sprinted there, but unlocking the door to your first home is a major moment; it needs a bit of ceremony. So we threw ourselves an impromptu house warming party. Mike bought the champagne and we stopped in our new neighborhood antique store Mackey Blue for a gift. There we found the spunkiest little vintage alarm clock; the deco feel and the fact that it was still ticking sold me.

VintageClock.jpgWe won’t actually move in for another three weeks (and it will undoubtedly be a paint-splattered, sawdust-mess for the next six), so something stylish and with no-assembly required sounded like a step in the right direction.

Next comes the palette. Tonight we are blowing up the air mattress and camping with our stacks of paint chips and fabric swatches. I’ll be sure to let you know what colors we dream up.