Design Daily with Jonathan Adler: Fabulous Happy Chic Submission #3


Poppy patterns and bold colors fearlessly fused into one room—this is what we like to see! Amie of St. Louis, you’ve got Happy Chic style in the best possible way! Hailing from Louisiana, this contestants French Quarter influences show through, but classicism never bogs her down. Her Georgian home is peppered with vibrant hues and mod accessories—the kind Jonathan and I lust for. But is it the Happiest Chicest Home in America? Only Jonathan Adler, the style-starter himself, can say. . . .

Whomp it up with wallpaper and watch your walls come alive! This room is about being brave with pattern everywhere and it really works from the curtains to the walls. Pattern creates that touch of pizazz to give depth and originality to the space. The painted mural is a j’adorable way of creating artwork that is all your own. Well done with the WASP-tastic touch of monogrammed linens it adds a layer of deluxe delirium that makes the bedroom her palace. I wonder if there is another letter you could add to the H hanging by the window? It looks a little lonely.


This room will never go out of style. The floors are stained a dark color making the details in the molding come alive! Painting the walls bright teal keeps it modern, keeps it contemporary and keeps it fun. The placement of a classic Barcelona chair is an unexpected element amidst the traditional architecture (note the moldings). Do I spy one of moi’s Greek Key rugs? Merci! Though equally important to note: Black and white in any classic rug pattern would work well with this space.
Living Room
A fabulous mix of classic and contemporary — Bravo! I see a well-proportioned and comfortable sofa balanced by a pair of light, wispy Louis chairs. The chairs are dressed in a brave choice of upholstery that I appreciate against the teal painted walls. As a Maximalist, I prefer to mixing and matching with panache, and this room is a fabulous find of how it really works. This clever entrant completes the narrative by placing a Bargello pillow, one of moi’s, in a similar color scheme as found on the walls and the fabric of the chairs. Also, j’adore the scale of the lamp placed in the corner as a grand accent that frames this seating vignette nicely. My own home is quite eclectic. I have modern bits mixed with Louis chairs mixed with pattern and always with lots of bold color. Its nice to see other people approach their home with a similar design sensibility and show it off!


Dining Room
I would soften those wonderfully grand windows with a patterned curtain to finish the room. The curtain would also be a fabulous backdrop to the swing-arm wall sconce — this type of sconce is a stylish and easy way to add task lighting to a small area. I would also recommend dressing up this space with a few more accessories! This dining vignette would be complete with layers of fun and decorative objets.

Style Note
I’m always willing to take pause and remember the zest of an orange lacquer cocktail table, the fun of a powder room wallpapered in a lime-green brocade pattern, or the excess of a giant vase filled with hundreds of peacock feathers–it’s the over-the-top things that stay with us and mean something. This weeks happy home is about those unexpected and memorable gestures that are both fancy and playful with bold color and layers of pattern and texture. I think you’ll agree that our chic entrant, Amie, fully embraces Maximalist merriment!

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Anne E. Collins (Editor) and Jonathan Adler (Product and Interior Designer)