Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House Party


Metropolitan Home and Showtime Networks have teamed up to design a NYC townhouse using the shows Dexter, Weeds, The L Word, The Tudors, Californication, and the soon-to-be-released show United States of Tara as their inspiration. The house is wild, stunning, shocking, and overall brilliant. Showhouses can feel really sterile and like one big marketing obligation–but with racy shows paired up with design stars like Laura Kirar, Jamie Drake, Amy Lau, and Vicente Wolf drawing up the plans—we knew this would be different.

Last night was the opening party, peppered with celebs and packed with glam. On the menu were clever treats like Weeds magic brownies and some seriously stiff drinks like Hanks Hangover Cure. We rubbed elbows and skulls with Amy Lau in her marvelously morbid Dexter Dining Room, confessed our sins in Tudors Living Room, enjoyed the rolling paper screen in the Weeds Lounge, and tried on a few high heels in L Word shoe closet (or at least we thought about it). If there was such a thing as a sophisticated fun house—this would be it.

The Metropolitan Home Showtime House opens to the public starting this Saturday and will be until October 26th. If you can make it to the New York area—you should visit (click here for details). Otherwise…you can catch every detail down to the paperclip chandelier and the animated wallpaper at

Jamie Drake relaxes on his chaise for two in the Californication Writer's Study
Tori Golub was tapped to design around the unreleased show United States of Tara. The show is said to be about a woman and her multiple personalities; lead is to be played by Toni Collette.
Jamie Lee Curtis made an appearance and stopped to chat with Laura Kirar in her Tudors Living Room.
Designer Kirsten Brant looked too perfect in both her fuchsia room and dress; I had to take a photo with her.