Brilliant Lighting


This week we fully launched our coverage of Metropolitan Homes Showtime House: behind-the-scenes videos, house tours, room galleries, decadent decor, designer secrets, sweepstakes and virtual mood boards that’ll help you recreate the featured rooms. But when you have a four-story townhouse designed by 12 top designers using six of the edgiest, wittiest shows on television for their inspiration–it’s almost too big, too amazing to begin to capture it all. The house is packed with stories on innovative color, texture and materials–it is basically a novel on good design–but if there was one thing that makes these rooms sing, its the lighting.

(Above) Paper Clip Chandelier by Gary Ponzo featured in Jamie Drakes Californication Writers Study
Meticulously handmade from over 4,000 little clips, this chandelier casts a prism-like pattern onto ceiling and walls when illuminated by its half-silvered bulb.

Flos Sky Garden by Marcel Wanders featured in Laura Kirars Tudors Living Room

Inspired by an antique decorated plaster ceiling in his former home, the Dutch designer created these architectural spheres with laser-cut leaves, flowers and branches in a chalk plaster relief.When grouped together, they fill the room with an illusionary garden.

Drink Another Chandelier by Gregoire Abrial featured in Amy Laus Dexter Dining Room

Repurposed wine glasses dipped in white latex, then strung amidst wood, cables, light bulbs, wires, wax rope and ribbon form the aptly named “Drink Another.”

Light Fixture by David Weeks featured in White Webb's Weeds Lounge

This nine-globe triple-tier fixture hovers like a mobile. Weeks slices away portions of generic cone shapes until a new, sensual form emerges which then can be added to the lamp base.

This is just a scratch on surface of great design, so click here for more from the Showtime House.