Rug Runoff

Rug-RunoffIn decorating and politics, Mike and I agree on most issues, but, for some reason, selecting a rug has been an ongoing battle. As hard as I try to get him to embrace florals and pink palettes, I cant seem to sway him! So, with that in mind, the final rug selection has come down to a series of abstract and geometric designs that I think we both could love.

Though we are getting closer to making a decision, the debate is still on. Let us know which rug you think will work best for our living room.

Note: Our palette right now is silver sage, chocolate brown, creams and golds (and a few fuchsia pillows I’ve sneaked into the mix). The room needs a punch, but were open to whether it comes from pattern or color–though I’m thinking, a double whammy of both pattern and color might be a bit loud, considering the rug will be the first thing you see when you walk through the door.


I love the texture of Angela Adams’s hand-tufted wool rugs. Undoubtedly, the appeal of the Betty rug is not only how it will feel under our toes but also that it will highlight the gold hues in the room–namely, my to-die-for Barbara Cosgrove lamp and the feather pattern in the upholstery on our French chairs.


I first saw this Liora Manné design in Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House and fell in love. I adore the idea of words as pattern, and the French verses of the Jean de La Fontaine poem, scribbled out in cursive, nearly have me sold. With phrases running off the edges, this Ballard Designs rug is completely unconventional, but the neutral palette keeps it sophisticated.

Home-decor-teal-rugThe green in this Thomas Paul Flock flatweave rug matches our walls exactly. Not that I support matchy-matchy rooms, but this rug could be a nice way to harmonize the space while adding a spunky pattern.

Home-decor-pink-rugFor the record, this bubbling pattern is not pink. As far as Mike is concerned, its a bright burgundy, and I’d like to keep it that way. Avalisa’s Wonder Wool rug is modern, playful, and great for hiding stains.

Home-Decor-Floral-RugWith such an oversize pattern, this rug is barely floral (work with me), and when you cover it with furniture, the pattern will become that much more abstract. Okay, fine! I admit it: Mike has already vetoed this one for its overt girlishness, but anyone who doesn’t live with a male should consider buying the Portier Ecru rug from Designers Guild; it’s gorgeous.

Those are the final selects. Which one do you think will work best in my living room?