Ski Shelves

simple-home-decorating-projectMike has been collecting antique skis since he was 16 years old–and as adorable as that is, we now have more than 30 seven-foot-long objects collecting dust in a storage unit. As decorative objects, the hardware and wood are actually quite pretty, and the skis offer a hysterical look at the safety standards of the early 20th century. (Can you imagine descending Mammoth on a wood plank with only a strap of leather to keep you in place?)  Since they are too great to give away but too large to display together (without turning our home into the Elks club), we had to start figuring out ways to put them to use.

Salvage Studio to the rescue again. Ever since I saw this photo in their book, we’ve made this the decorative storage plan for Mike’s office. By flipping the skis upside down and mounting them to the wall with metal brackets, they actually make a really charming picture ledge. With a pair or perhaps three climbing up the wall, it will give his collection and the look of the office new life.