The Feisty Future of Design

hinges shaped like bugsWhen I was at the Interieur Design Biennale in Belgium, I did a few short blogs on all the new manufacturer introductions, but I’ve been saving the goods from the Young Designers Fair until today. Of all the things at this prestigious European furniture festival, these no-name designer prototypes were the things that impressed me most. The entering students and start-ups weren’t necessarily designing for mass appeal, for beauty, or even functionality; they were designing to shake things up. The call to entry was a search for a new creative process, an answer to current questions, and a source of motivation and inspiration through design.

Above is a hardware series by 28-year-old Johan Brunix that I simply adored. The hinges don’t move any differently than an average set, but by adding delicate wings, that movement becomes the flutter of a butterfly. From innovation that tips the scale to the small detail that makes you smile, the Young Designers Fair shows the future of design is in good hands.

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