The New Patchwork

Fringe_mirror.jpgWhen I think of patchwork, I think of my bedspread as a ten-year-old girl. I have plenty of fond memories of my elementary school years but my decorating sense is not one of them. I have since graduated from rag dolls and country quilts but the decor scene is looking to bring me back. The modern patchwork seems to be popping up in various forms and some of it is actually pretty great (I am in love with this Curio Glass Mirror from Fringe!).

This modern mix of patterns trimmed with flamingo silk dupioni on this Bliss Living floor pillow completely breaks the fuddy-duddy idea of patchwork.

With a simple decor scheme this Souk Chic rug by Flor could really set off a room.
This mirror is made of recycled tin by Architeques, a small New York company that only builds their decor from local scraps.

Maybe this patchwork trend is being sparked out of the green movement? Patchwork is built on the idea of piecing scrap materials together and there aren’t many practices greener than that. And be it green or not, if something looks green, it tends to look cool too.