The Future Perfect

FPbowl.jpgI have been meaning to go to The Future Perfect in Brooklyn since I moved to New York. This arty edgy home boutique is always being written up in the city guides and design mags as the definitive source for cool and the pulse of now; so the other day, I finally paid a visit.

I was fully impressed with their display of wheel-thrown porcelain by Jennifer McCurdy (above). Just look at it.

I love that the name of this pillow company is: Historically Inaccurate Decorative Arts. They take classic prints like this toile and update it with an embroidered graffiti. The store is filled with design ironies like this.

This tarantula-like chandelier hovers over the center of the store. Made of 16 flex-y arm task lamps and just as many lightbulbs, this DesignFenzider commands the space of decor goodies.

Filled with clever, bizarre, and beautiful things, the reviews I read on the Future Perfect did not disappoint.