Comic Console


I was never a fan of comic books. With no brothers and six years of girls school, I didn’t give these graphics much notice–until I saw them on a console. Call it design tunnel vision, but now that Guido Crepax’s drawings are set within a furniture frame, I realize what beautiful patterns they make. Crepax was hugely influential in the development of European comic art in the second half of the 20th century, and this piece displays images of Valentina, a character from his most famous storyline. Unlike me, furniture designer Giuseppe Canevese was a follower of Crepaxs work, and when the Italian artist died in 2003, Canevese decided to pay homage to him with an extensive furniture collection. Admittedly, it is expensive, but when one piece can pick up this much slack in a room, its worth it. It will replace the art on your walls and destroy all those stereotypes about comics only belonging in the Sunday papers.

Crepax Valentina nel Metro Low Cabinet, $4285,