Hot Purchase: Artisan Bowl from Simon Pearce

unique silver serving bowlsWhenever we are near the Quechee area of Central Vermont, Mike and I always make a point to stop into Simon Pearce. The river-powered glassblowing and pottery workshop is endlessly inspiring and its retail store…irresistible (click here to read about my initial love affair with the Quechee Mill).

There were about ten things in the shop that I desperately wanted but with our wedding around the corner (and in turn, our registry), I found the restraint to just buy one piece: the Artisan metal bowl. Part of a four-piece collection, the cast aluminum dish has the texture of a wave-beaten conch shell; rough in parts but smooth in others, it feels amazing to the touch. This olive/nut/nibble bowl may only be 4″ x 2″ but its shimmery nickel hue gives it big glamour and at $20 it was a total steal!

unique serving-bowls in metal