Picking a Wedding Photographer

weddding-reception ideas with flower petalsThere are plenty of fantastic wedding photographers out there but the right one can be hard to find. Every photographer’s offerings, pricing, and caveats are so different, it’s easy to lose site of the goal: pretty pictures. So to make the most diplomatic decision for our Vermont wedding, Mike and I decided to do a blind test. To start, I picked ten images from our five favorite photographers (Corbin Gurkin, Orchard Cove, Birke Photography, Sabin Gratz, and Eve Event), gave each image a random number, wrote it down on my little decoder sheet, and put them in one big desktop folder. Then Mike and I each independently picked our top 20 photos from the master batch and determined the winner by seeing which photographer’s work was on our lists the most.

It was a bit of a process to orchestrate but in the end, we had a clear winner–Birke Photography. Founding photographer Caroline Bargerstock’s work is artistic without trying too hard. When you look at her photos  you see all the happiness, love, and beauty that should go into a wedding and that’s exactly what we were looking for.

Here are some of the photos that wooed us into choosing Birke Photography:
weddding-reception-ideas for barns

weddding-reception-ideas and chapel


wedding-reception-ideas-cheek kiss