Intensely Beautiful Vases


I am mesmerized by these new Sieger vases though I cant decide what I think about them. Sieger commissioned German photographer Joerg Grosse Geldermann to capture images that represent cultures and individuals from around the globe for their new porcelain vase line, Love Elixir. The idea was inspired by a phrase in Persian poetry, [the cup is] the mirror of the world. (I’m not totally sure what that means, but we can see where they’re going.) The inside is a reflective gold and the intense stare from the exteriors image feels as if it is looking right through you. Each face is exquisite, but when beauty gets this close-up and personal, do you want it in your living room? I’m curious to know what you think.

These portraits by Joerg Grosse Geldermann are what's wrapped around each vase
Here is Sieger's final selection of Love Elixir Vases, available in 7 styles for $410 each;