Techy Trend


Technology is seeping into design. And I am not talking about the advances in materials and processes, but the look, the amorphous perception of digital that’s being translated into home decor. Take the Planko vanity that I saw last weekend at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair for example. When I saw this stylized jagged outline, I thought–what a cool spin on the Baroque trend! It took the daintiness out of the ever-romantic style and gave it a literal edge. I loved it. I looked closer for any printed info I could find and the tag simply read, Pixel Vanity.

Pixel. This threw my entire perception of this piece on its head. Every picture you’ve ever blown up, every distorted image you’ve seen on the web– you could suddenly see in this vanity’s outline. This piece went from an abstract design to something so relevant to everyday encounters. The Planko’s vanity was truly unique to anything I saw at the show, but I think the interpretation of digital in design is something we are going to see more and more of.