My Overally-Ambitious Pendant Lamp Project

Electrolux_WineglassLightin.jpgI was completely dazzled by this lighting display at the Kitchen and Bath Show. Giant light bulbs and upside-down wine glasses shimmering and dangling together made a fantastically whimsical display against the stark Chicago convention center. The show is over; it’s long since been torn-down, but I keep thinking about recreating it in my dining room. On a smaller scale with four cordial glasses and three regular bulbs (or CFL for a green statement and spiral design), I know it would be so charming over a dining table! But how to do it? I am not going to lie; I am not fully sure, so I call my go-to guys at Grand Brass Lamp Parts and they have faith I can do it with the following parts and an electrician.

First, I’ll need to buy a flat base plate to put over my ceilings electrical box and drill seven holes into it so I can run my pendant wires and the twine (holding my cordial glass bases) through it.

Within this base plate they suggested attaching a plastic strain relief to grip the wires; that way I can adjust the heights and create a more dynamic look with multiple levels of light and glasses.

Then ultimately I’ll have my electrician (this is not worth DIY electrocution) connect my different wires within the plate so it can have a central source of electricity. The end result (I am hoping) will be a wonderfully quirky pendant that shimmers, sparks conversation, and sets the mood for conversation over a glass of wine with friends. I may be over my head, but sometimes you have to experiment to create the things you love.