The Perfect Island Light

Decorating-Ideas-Island_lightWhen we moved into our apartment last year, we worked as quickly as possible to make it our own–painting, wallpapering, changing hardware, excavating fireplaces, and refinishing floors until there was virtually no trace of the former tenants Jersey/Tuscan villa touches. Though for some reason the easiest thing to change has been one of the last on the list: the kitchen chandelier. This scrolling wrought-iron eyesore has been bringing down our cute, airy apartment for too long, but I’m thrilled to say that its hitting Craig’s List this weekend and the Firefly Pendant Lamp is taking its place!

This light is exactly what I’ve been dreaming up for our kitchen island-cum-dining table–something chic enough for a dinner party but functional enough for cooking. I adore the movement of the five glass globes, while the wide canopy and clear shades will make for great task lighting.

decorating-ideas_lightAt this price ($199) and with this photo, we actually almost bought multiple lamps. Lined up in a row, I cant think of more drama for your dollar. Mike and I measured it out and realized it would a bit much for the space, but if you’ve got a contemporary rectangular dining table in need of a lighting soul mate, two or three of these will be the match made in heaven.