Interieur Biennale

ramblahallInterieur 2008 is truly one of the best trade shows I’ve ever been to. It’s not a huge show compared to the one in Milan, but the quality of design makes up for its size. It’s a very well curated with the best of the major players and a promising crop of emerging designers. There were so many inspiring products it was hard to digest it all in one sitting, but here is a smattering of the most eye-catching displays at the show.

(Above) The La Rambla section of the show was like a contemporary design hall of fame featuring the best products of the past few years; a large portion was dedicated to the guest of honor, Jaime Hayon.

alessiAlessi’s iconic wine opener man and teapot cast a playful but powerful presenting companies shadow at the show. Although an Italian brand, Alessi was one of the few presenting companies that has a major presence in the U.S and the international market. Other familiar powerhouses in attendance were Cassina, Vitra, Minotti, and Thonet. Many of the convention center’s 300 companies don’t even do business in the U.S.

designer of the year
At the end of the Rambla was the work of Stephan Schöning, Designer of the Year. Featured on his own pedestal are his two light cages and the Parker sofa.
A Porsche covered in highly-tailored tweed hid behind the curtains of a luxury linens booth.
light pillars
The Delta Light booth stacked their tube lamps to make glowing tables and towers.
This handsome standing lamp was one of the pieces in the Kortrijk design section where local designers paired up the with the town's biggest companies to create experimental work.
This hall display is celebrating 40 years of Sacco, the designer beanbag.
anne at YDF
That's me testing out one of the young designer's seats and resting after eight hours of walking through the show.

YDFFor me the highlight of the show was by far the Young Designers Fair. Filled with fresh ideas, I’ve decided I need to create a whole photo gallery to fully describe the talent Ive seen (coming soon). Here, designer Sandor Bokkinga stands behind his seat made of garden hoses while holding his pitchfork chair.

It’s 10:00 AM Belgian time and I need to get back to the show. Check back for more of my favorite finds from Interieur.