Top Ten Decor from Interieur

arctic wall light1. Artic Wall Light by Andrea Bastianello
The glow of this oversize sconce drew me in from across the room, and when I read the title Arctic, the look of the jagged pattern and partial orb became that much more visceral.

rocker by Frederica2. Rocker by Fredericia
This chair has a truly modern grace. Diagonally sewn seams create a subtle pattern, the curved seat flows into the open arms, and a wood veneer bottom warms the stark white leather.

buzzilights3. Buzzilights
In a trade show of seriously modern furniture, these colorful felt lights looked refreshingly cheerful. They cast fabulous shadows, but the best part is that the shape is adjustable; the fixture is made with a flexible frame, so you can scrunch them up or stretch them out for different looks.

Diamond Bathtub4. Diamond Bathtub by Aqua Mass
I’ve been seeing this diamond cut-trend a lot in vases and dishes, but in bathtubs? That’s ambitious.

modern-firepit5. Lotus Fire Pit by Tulip
Unless a fire pits is built into the ground, it usually feels a bit phony. The Lotus by Tulip has a presence that rarely comes with portability.

Giorgetti bed6. Bed by Giorgetti
This Giorgetti piece is not new, but I’m in love with it.

poliform chandelier7. Poliform Chandelier
Cords used to be things you try to hide, but not at this show. I must have seen five to ten lighting companies flaunting bright red cords and weaving them into their designs. This Poliform light was my favorite example.

pings bench8. Pings Bench by Bocci
Pleating as a form of cushioning was a clever and fashion-forward choice by Bocci.

bert and dennis chair9. Bert and Dennis Chair
Bert and Dennis was a company showing within the Young Designers Fair, but their work looked more polished and professional than the majority of their peers. Where many of the other designers just go for a “sculptural” look, this chair also looks comfortable.

De Padova coffee table10. De Padova Coffee Table
Coffee table styling tends to be a central display of books + bowl + tchotchkes. This cut-out metal table makes each section its own decor pedestal, and the negative space highlights items on the forgotten lower level.