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As promised, here is our hysterically homespun Christmas tree. For a base layer, we bought a few strands of colored balls at Jamali Garden but then we let our friends (adults, believe it or not) make the rest of the ornaments at our holiday party last weekend. We laid out computer paper, scissors, and ...


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In my hometown of Hollywood, Christmas trees come from parking lots. My family and I would go to Home Depot every holiday but now that I live in the East and am in love with a man from the Poconos, cut-your-own is the only option. The Neola Christmas Tree Farm turned out to be fantastic all-around. ...

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What I love about Thanksgiving decorations is: It shouldn't take much. The food is center stage so all your table decorations need to be is a subtle compliment. I saw this image on our friend Tim's blog, Charles & Hudson, and thought, "That's it!" A line of hurricanes filled with fall leaves couldn't ...



For today's post I was thinking about doing a non-kitsch guide to Fourth of July entertaining, but why? If there was any time to break out the tchotchkes--it's a backyard barbecue with friends and family. Have a happy Fourth of July weekend!

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