Incredible New Ann Sacks Mosaics

AnnSacksRose.jpgLike many an editor, contractor, and faucet salesman, I spent last weekend in Chicago at K/BIS (the premier Kitchen and Bath Trade Show in the U.S.). I saw so many amazing water-conserving toilets, multi-head showers, and plasma-screened refrigerators–and I’ll tell you about those–but first, I have to tell you about the most gorgeous tiles I saw at Ann Sacks!

(Above) This wall of mosaic roses from the Beau Monde Collection blew me away. If this pattern of billowing roses was in wallpaper form, it would still be seriously impressive, but the fact that each petal is its own tile gives it a texture and a beauty I have never seen in a wall display.
$665 per square foot (yea all the prices are astronomical, but this is artwork we are talking about)

AnnSacks-Kuo.jpgI can’t even imagine the time that designer Robert Kuo’s team puts into chiseling these stone panel designs, but whatever the man-hour . . . it was worth it. With the kind of detail in the Kuo Carved Collection, one ledge, one threshold, would make a whole house.
$216-$696 per square foot

AnnSacksLeaves.jpgI don’t really know what to say except, I want this wall in my house. This mosaic curtain of teardrop leaves by Ruth Greenberg is the perfect balance of timeless and modern.
$375 per square foot

All patterns start rolling out in May through the summer. Time to start saving.